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Good morning Walteria families,


Please continue to check our website, walteria.tusd.org, for the most recent and up to date information on what is going on at school. 


We hope that you enjoyed the long weekend, taking a moment to reflect on Martin Luther King Jr.'s contributions to our society. We have a short, but eventful week this week. On Thursday, the 3rd grade group will be taking a trip to the Science Center. We are almost half way through the second trimester, and progress reports go out with the students this Friday. Please continue to have conversations with your student's teacher to stay on top of progress and ways to mutually support your child. 


Next week, on Thursday 1/25, there is a CAASPP (State Assessment) parent informational meeting for 3rd-5th grade families interested in learning more about the State's accountability system and the assessment students will be taking this school year. Bring your CAASPP reports if your child took the test last year, as the report itself will be analyzed and discussed. This meeting will take place in our Cafeteria. 


Have a great week,

Dr. Ponce



Other announcements (click on the image for more info):

  • These are three after school enrichment opportunities that Walteria students have. Classes start soon; Don't miss out. 



We are approaching our annual Heart Healthy drive. Keep your health in mind as we start talking to the kids about taking care of theirs. 



Good morning Walteria families,


We are very excited to be back at school this week. Continue to check out our website, walteria.tusd.org, for the most current and up-to-date information.


It is the beginning of winter, and with that will come the cold and the rain. We know that you are sending your kids to school in warm and comfortable  clothing, but make sure that they are getting those items back to you in the afternoon. Every year, we have tons of clothes that are hanging on our lost and found hangers for months that are never picked up. These items are donated to a local charity, but I am certain that you'd rather have these very nice items back at home. 


We are kicking off our Edible Gardens program through PV School Gardens this week. Our first graders will be the first to experience the CCSS aligned gardening curriculum. If you would like to volunteer to help out during these 30 minute lessons in your child's class, contact your room parent or child's teacher. This is sure to be a fun experience, and each grade level is scheduled for 3 sessions this school year. 


Intervention classes begin for students invited to those sessions next week, 1/15. If you have a student that is invited to an intervention session, please make sure to accommodate for those classes. As we move through this part of the school year, getting any and all students to meet grade-level standards is our goal. 


Our second graders will kick off the year on a wonderful field trip to the Natural History Museum on Friday, 1/12. If you have questions about this trip, please check in with your room parent or your child's teacher. 


Have a wonderful week,

Dr. Ponce



From our PTA:

The Walteria Elementary PTA would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  It’s been a great 2017, but we are looking forward to continuing the fun in 2018!  We have a few items we’d like to bring to your attention:


Straw Ballot

The nominating committee for the Walteria Elementary PTA will be meeting in the near future to create the slate of officers for the 2018-2019 year. To help this committee in making selections, your input would be greatly appreciated.  Please take a few moments and review the attached Straw Ballot. You may nominate yourself, suggest more than one name for an office, and you may leave some slots open.  Straw Ballots are due to the office by Friday, January 19th.  If you are interested in learning more about the positions, you can visit http://capta.org/pta-leaders/run-your-pta/job-descriptions/or you can stop by our next PTA meeting this Thursday, January 11th at 6:30pm in Room 2.


Edible Garden Program

The PTA is sponsoring a new program at Walteria that starts THIS week and we are looking for a few interested people to help out.  The program is run by Palos Verdes School Gardens.  Each week they will give a half hour lesson to one of the grades.  The grades will rotate each week, eventually getting 3 lessons each.  The lessons will be interactive and hands-on.  Students will learn how to grow and cultivate gardens and the environment. Lessons are on Fridays (schedule attached).  If you are interested in helping out there is an orientation THIS Wednesday, January 10th at 9am.


PTA Honorary Service Awards
Each year the PTA honors and acknowledges both individuals and organizations for outstanding community service to children and youth in our community.  Attached is a nomination form for this year.  There are a lot of forces that go into making Walteria a great school for our kids.  Please consider nominating one of them so they can be recognized! Nominations for consideration are due to the office by THIS Friday, January 12th. Click here for the form. 



From WAA:

The Walteria Academic Alliance's yearly poker tournament is just around the corner. If you are a poker player, or if you simply want to have a great time, make sure to buy-in to this event. More information to come, but you can already sign up (click here). Join us on Saturday February 10th for this event. 



Good morning Walteria families,


We are very excited to be in school for this final week before winter break. Please make a note on your calendars that Walteria Elementary (and all TUSD schools) will be closed for winter break starting Friday, 12/22. 


Also, please continue to check our website, walteria.tusd.org, for the most current information about what is going on at school. 


We are winding down for the winter break, but there are a couple of things to keep an eye out for:

  • Tuesday 12/19, our Academic Alliance is hosting its 3rd Dinner Night. Make it a pizza night with your family or friends, as Blaze Pizza generously donates 20% of the sales between 5:00 and 8:00 on that day. Our Academic Alliance (WAA) continues to work towards improving Walteria's access to technology for our students. Come out and support this cause- the great pizza is an added bonus! click the image for more info. 
  • There are tons of activities planned out for our students. The Kinder group is performing on Wednesday in the quad area, and our Second graders are having a musical performance on Thursday. Make sure to keep your information updated with your room parent to stay informed about these and other in-class events. 
  • Finally, the PTA Honorary Service Award nomination process (click here for the form) has begun. As you know, our PTA works tirelessly to support Walteria, providing our students with enriching, supplemental experiences that they will remember for a lifetime. These things include Adventure in Art, Magic of Music, field trips, end of the year activities, and in-call support for teachers to name a few. These things are not only made possible through financial support, but more importantly through dedicated parent and teacher volunteers. Take a moment and nominate one of our hard working individuals. They all do an incredible job, this is just our chance to let them know we appreciate their hard work. 

Dr. Ponce



School Handouts (click on the images for more info):



Please remember to check out website, walteria.tusd.org, for the latest information about what is going on at school.


We are halfway through our scheduled parent conference meetings for trimester 1! Teachers will continue to meet with their students' families to discuss progress and goals for trimester 2. Make sure to keep your appointment and be on time so that everything runs smoothly. We are still on minimal day schedule, which means all 1-5th grade student is out of school at 2:12. Please make plans for on-time pick up every day. 


This week, we have our first GATE lunch scheduled with our 4th, 5th, and newly identified 3rd grade GATE students. These sessions are informative and will allow your GATE student to work with others like him or her, while learning about themselves and how to leverage their talents. 


On Thursday, Walteria is incredibly excited to present its winter chorus performance. This year, the performance will be held at the newly renovated Torrance High School Auditorium. Even if your child is not one of the 75 students performing in the chorus, come out and enjoy an evening of holiday cheer. Our volunteers and students have been working hard to being you a wonderful experience. 


Finally, our Spirit Assembly is scheduled for Friday. We will be presenting our monthly drawing for students that have exemplified our behavioral expectations of being Safe, Respectful, and Responsible. During that assembly, we will also be announcing the winners and participants of the PTA Reflections competition. We are extremely proud of all of the participants and many of our Wildcats have moved ahead and are competing at regional levels. Congratulations to them all!


Enjoy the week,

Dr. Ponce


Note: Parents are concerned about dogs coming to school. They are reporting that their child is scared of dogs and go home concerned about being bitten or attacked. I'd like to ask that if you have a pet that comes with you to school, please stand at a distance from the gate or the pathways which the kids use when they enter or leave the school. Please be considerate of the children; this is their school. Thank you. 


Good morning Walteria!


Remember to check our website (walteria.tusd.org) for the latest information on what's going on at school.


Our parent conferences start this week (sorry for any confusion caused by the e-blast last week). Please keep a couple of things in mind as you come visit with your child's teacher:

  • TUSD elementary schools utilize a standards-based report card. This means that teachers are assessing whether your child has demonstrated mastery of the grade-level standards. At this point in the year, it is not uncommon for students to be "progressing towards skill" in many or all the standards. 
  • Please keep in mind that teachers schedule conferences back-to-back. If you are late to your meeting, it creates a domino effect with the proceeding conferences. If you are late, please be prepared to wait or reschedule with the teacher. 
  • Although we are well aware of how difficult parking can be, the staff parking lot is for employees only. Handicap parking is available in that lot for non-employees.  
  • If you are on campus during school hours, make sure to check-in in the office. All visitors on campus during school hours must wear a visitor's badge. 

Other things happening at Walteria the next couple of weeks:

  • 5th grade goes on a walking field trip on 12/8 to view Wonders.
  • Walteria's Winter Chorus is scheduled for 12/14 at the newly renovated Torrance High School auditorium. Come out and support our wonderfully talented singers and the volunteers that make the Walteria Chorus possible. 
  • 12/15 Walteria Spirit Assembly 

From our PTA:

* The PTA would like to give a big THANK YOU to all those who contributed to our Direct Donation campaign so far. Because of your continued support, our Wildcat students will get the additional educational programs and experiences they otherwise wouldn’t- like field trips, music, art, interactive assemblies, and much, much, more!

* Spirit Wear fire sale! This Wednesday the Spirit Cart will be selling clearance t-shirts for $2 and sweatshirts for $5, in your favorite vintage styles. Also, the newly redesigned Wildcat t-shirts will be available in youth sizes for $15.

* Holiday Spirit Grams - Starting this Wednesday the PTA will also be selling holiday spirit grams for $2.  Spirit Grams are cards that family, friends, or fellow students can purchase, fill out, and turn in.  They will get delivered to the designated student recipient, with a treat, during class on Thursday, December 21st.


I'll be looking forward to seeing you all on campus in the next couple of weeks.

Dr. Ponce


Last notes:    



Good morning Walteria Families,


Please make sure to check our website (walteria.tusd.org) for the latest information on what is going on at school. We are very excited to be hosting our families this week and the next as part of our trimester 1 parent-teacher conferences. A couple of reminders for the conferences:

  • Come prepared with questions that you may have about what you see at home with your son or daughter. 
  • Please make sure to be on time for your scheduled meeting. Being late has a domino effect on all of the other scheduled meetings for the day, and thus you may have to wait or be rescheduled. 
  • If your son or daughter is not yet meeting the standard in any one area, there is no reason to panic. Mastering the grade-level standards is a year-long process and the teacher and students are continuously revisiting mastery throughout the year. If you are concerned, ask questions about how you can support your son or daughter at home as well as inquiring about what the teacher is doing in class to ensure mastery before the end of the year. 
  • Please do not use the staff parking lot. The lot is for employees only. 

This Friday, students will be taking home their trimester 1 report cards.


Our PTA supports the Healthy Ever After (HEA) program at Walteria. This program teaches the students about eating healthy and being healthy for life. If you would like more information about this program, please come by the office. Families can opt out of the taste testing portion of the program by submitting this form. HEA #2 is scheduled for Thursday Dec. 7th for all grade levels. 


Enjoy the week,

Dr. Ponce


Good morning Walteria families,


Make sure to visit our site, walteria.tusd.org, for the most current information.


This is going to be a really short week for us. Being the principal of such a wonderful school, set in such a wonderful community, the Walteria staff and I are thankful to be a part of your team. 


It is not too late to order your mixed bags for those small holiday gifts (click here for more information). 


11/21 marks the end of trimester one for us. We are excited to meet with our families starting Monday to discuss your child's progress. 


Lastly, December 14th in mind. That evening, the Walteria Chorus will be performing their Holiday performance at the newly renovated Torrance High School auditorium. Our students and the volunteers have worked incredibly hard to make this a wonderful experience for their guests. 


Have a wonderful week,

Dr. Ponce


Good morning Walteria families,


Make sure to check out our website for the most current information on all of the events happening at Walteria: walteria.tusd.org


This week bring some exciting events to our school. Besides the usual great things going on in all of our classes, we are also looking at our PTA Movie Night this Friday. Put it on your calendar and make sure to come out to enjoy the timeless experience of hanging out with friends and watching a great film. We will be opening the gates at 5:15 for this event, with the film starting at 6:00. 


Being the hardworking and dedicated parent and teachers that they are, our PTA also has two other events going on that support Walteria Elementary: the Family Portrait Night which provides families with great photographs for the holiday season. And our Mixed Bag fundraiser. This fundraiser is a great opportunity to purchase those bags we all need to carry anything from groceries to every-day items. 


Finally, stay on top of what is available to our students in the form of after school enrichment classes. Check our website for opportunities to have your little ones join classes such as the Kidz Cookin It Up that starts this Thursday. See our website for more info on this and other classes being offered at Walteria.


Have a wonderful week,

Dr. Ponce


Boy, that Fall Carnival is always such a treat for all of our children and our families. And, this year's event was exactly that- a wonderful experience that brought the Walteria community together. I want to thank Stacey Launius and all of the volunteers that made that event possible. We had hundreds of visitors, taking in the games, the food, and the company, not to mention the Trunk or Treat event. Just another example of what makes Walteria a special place in Torrance. 

The weather for this week is completely the opposite of what it was this last week. It is going to feel like fall has finally arrived, so please make sure to send your little ones bundled up. With that, please urge them to come by the Lost and Found to retrieve any items that he or she might have left behind. We have tons of these items that are never claimed, which we donate as we go into Winter Break. Please remind your students to drop by and search for their items. 


This week's Halloween Parade will be the highlight of the week for many of our Wildcats. For the event, students are welcomed to come to school dressed in their costumes. We remind our families that any and all costumes must comply with the school/district dress code. Students' costumes should not include any weapon or weapon look a like items. Modesty is always a must. And, students cannot wear masks to cover their faces. We are looking forward to a memorable event on Tuesday. 


Lastly, there is a PTA meeting on Thursday this week at 6:30 PM in room 2. Come by and get involved. One of the items that the PTA is putting out is the attached PTA Handbook. It has tons of useful information about the school and what the PTA does for our Walteria students. 


Dr. Ponce



Walteria Parents and Guardians,


We have a lot of information for you this week, it is a busy one. Before we get to that, please make sure to visit our new site (walteria.tusd.org) for the most current information on what we have going on at school. 

1. This is the final week to join our Walteria team for the Skechers Pier to Pier Friendship walk. Join us for a leisurely walk while helping to support the Torrance Education Foundation (TEF) and Skechers in providing funding for schools across the Southbay. Just make sure to join the Walteria Team to ensure that our school receives the funds generated by this event. Our goal is to reach 100 participants (both walkers and virtual walkers). If we meet our goal, Walteria's GATE program will receive an extra $1000 to use for its program this year. If you have any questions, come by and see us. 


2. Direct Donation Campaign It’s not too late to support the PTA and to receive your donor incentives with donations of $150 or more.  Though we appreciate donations year-round, incentives bonuses will end Friday, October 27th.  Installment payments and credit cards are accepted on the Walteria website. 


3. This week is Red Ribbon Week. Help spread the news that we want our kids to be drug and alcohol free. Students are encouraged to show solidarity while having fun in the week's events:

MONDAY 10/23: “You have the Power to Say No to Drugs” (Wear your favorite superhero gear and show how powerful your NO can be.)

TUESDAY 10/24: “Sock It to Drugs and Keep Your Future Bright” (Wear your crazy or mismatched socks to school.)

WEDNESDAY 10/25: “Hats Off to Being Drug Free” (Wear a hat or crazy hair to support your drug free position.)

THURSDAY 10/26: “Put Drugs to Sleep” (Show drugs and alcohol who is boss, wear your pajamas to school.)

FRIDAY 10/27: “Rock Your Red” (Wear a red shirt to celebrate our commitment to saying NO to drugs and alcohol.)


4. GATE testing for our 3rd graders is this Thursday. 


5. Our annual and highly anticipated Fall Festival is this Friday. Make sure you come out and enjoy some wholesome family fun with our teachers and staff. 


6. Make-up pictures are happening today! If your child missed his or her picture, they will be able to take their picture this morning.


7. Our first Wildcat Spirit assembly is this Friday. Get ready as we build spirit this year with our monthly gatherings, they are sure to be fun and exciting. 


Don't forget:

*Yearbook Presale for PTA Members

Special $20 presale price for people who paid for a PTA Membership ends Friday, October 27th


Spirit Wear Presale

Please turn in your orders by Friday, October 27th.


Hope you have a great week,

Dr. Ponce


Hello Walteria Families,


Thank you to all of you who joined us for the Brock Edwards Magic Extravaganza. That was a great, family-friendly night with good humor and entertainment. I have talked to a number of students who were in awe of the magic tricks performed and the surprise "surprise guest" that was sawed in half. Officer Scott has always been a great resource for Walteria, and I'd like to give him one more "happy birthday!" and a big thank you for his willingness to participate in the show. 


This week, we are continuing to encourage our families and their friends and families to participate in the Sketchers Pier to Pier Friendship Walk (click here for more info). This is a great opportunity to be active with our kids and hang out as a community. Remember, all of the money raised for the Walteria Team will be given to Walteria Elementary School. If we reach 100 participants, the Torrance Education Foundation will also donate and extra $1,000 to our school. Help us get there by joining the Walteria Team today. 


The Walteria Academic Alliance (WAA) will be hosting its first Dinner Night of the year (click here for more info). You have to eat eat on Tuesday, 10/17, and WAA intends to continue to help Walteria reach its goal of having more technology available for our students. Join us at Chipotle from 5:00 - 9:00 PM. Chipotle will be donating 50% of the sales from anyone who tells them they are there to support Walteria Elementary. You can show them the flyer (paper copy or on your phone) or simply tell them that you are there to support our school. Tell your friends, tell family members. Heck, tell anyone who will listen. WAA's generous donations have allowed us to take all of our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes to a 1:1 Chromebook to student ratio. Come out and support this event. 


Finally, on Thursday, Walteria will be participating in the Great Southern California Shake-Out. This is an emergency preparedness drill that simulates a major earthquake in the area. It is a great opportunity for you to talk about emergencies like these, inform them about what your plan is to reconnect with them, and to assure them that they will be taken care of until you are able to be back with them. If you are interested in participating in the Walteria Emergency Preparedness Committee, contact Dr. Ponce. We are looking for parents and community members to provide input for our plan to deal with emergencies. 


We will be busy this week, but it will prove to be an exciting and productive week. 


Dr. Ponce


Wow! We have had two wonderful and very needed days of professional development with our staff, here at Walteria. I would like to thank our families, whom I know have had to juggle having our young Wildcats at home these last two days. 


Please remember to check out our website: walteria.tusd.org for the most current information on anything happening in school.


The rest of October is going to be very busy for Walteria and our community. We have some great events planned out and many others that are worth considering. 


One event is the annual Sketchers Pier to Pier Friendship walk. I love to teach my kids to be healthy. Thus, having them participate in activities such as 5Ks or Walks of any type provides me with an opportunity to do just that. Add to this the fact that we can raise money for a school, and I am all in. The Torrance Education Foundation has teamed up with Sketchers for this walk, and our school can benefit from it. Please consider signing up for this event. All money submitted to the event from anyone that signs up to join the Walteria team will come back directly to the school What a wonderful way to teach our kids to stay active and raise funds for the school. Let's get together and represent Walteria at the event! It is scheduled for Sunday, October 29th. (click here fore more info.)

Another is the Brock Edwards Magic Extravaganza. This event  is scheduled for this Thursday (10/12) from 6:30-8:00 pm. You are not too late to purchase tickets to this event at the pre-sale price of $10. Pre-sale ends first thing Thursday morning. The price of the event at the door is $12. Come out and enjoy a great show! There will be pizza, drinks, and a bake sale at the event. Our PTA will host a table with our Spirit Wear and information about everything Walteria- including our Direct Donation drive. 


The Fall Festival will round out the month. It is a cornerstone event, one that should not be missed by anyone- young or old. More information about this event will follow, so keep an eye out for it. 


And, we are not all play here at Walteria. This Friday marks the midway point of the first trimester. Our young Wildcats will be going home with progress reports from their teachers. Make sure to communicate with your son or daughter's teachers about their progress and what can be done at home and at school to better support their learning. 


Again, thank you for covering for us the last couple of days. We look forward to having our students back in class Wednesday morning. 


Dr. Ponce


Welcome to October, Wildcat families. 


Remember to check our website for all of the latest information: walteria.tusd.org


We would like to thank all of the families that joined us for Back to School Night. It is always such a pleasure to have our families come out and connect with their new teachers. There was a lot of information disseminated, so if there was anything that you missed or simple cannot remember, connect with your child's teacher via email or by phone. 


This week, we have an exciting event. Walk to School Day is scheduled for Wednesday 10/4. Click here for more information.  If you are tired of the traffic or simply wanting to stretch your legs in the morning, meet us at De Portola at 8:00 AM. The group will then walk to Walteria at 8:15. Hope to see you there.


For those wonderful parents who have volunteered to be a part of Adventures in Art, the orientation docent meeting will be on Thursday at Ken Miller. If you have ever thought about volunteering to do something fun with your child's class, think about volunteering for this fun and enriching program. 5th grade classes need volunteers for 4 of the 5 classes. 


Lastly, don't forget that out PTA Direct Donation Drive is still on its way. It runs through the end of October. Help us provide enriching learning opportunities to all of our students, donate today if you can. Any amount is appreciated. 


Have a great week,

Dr. Ponce


Good morning Walteria Families,


Make sure to visit our website for the latest news and information: walteria.tusd.org.


This is an exciting week for us at Walteria. Our annual Back to School Night means that we will be hosting all of our families for the first time this school year. Drop on in and get to know your child's teacher. Each will explain his or her classroom procedures and expectations, giving you the information that you will need as we continue to work with your student. The book fair will be going on during the evening, and there will be a PTA meeting as well. There is a lot to take in that evening, so grab a Starbuck's coffee and be ready for all of the information that we have for you. 


Some reminders to be aware of:

  • Parents are reminded to please use the crosswalks when picking up and dropping off students. Keep our students safe by being a good role model. 
  • Parents dropping off their kinder student should not use the valet line. Kinder students need to be handed off to staff, and blocking the valet causes huge back ups and frustration for other parents
  •  Please check PowerSchool to make sure that all of your information, including emergency contact info, is updated. 

Other things that are coming up this week:

  • Scholastic Book Fair (9/25 - 9/29; Room 30, old library)
  • Student assembly: Brock Edward's Magic Show Extravaganza: Stand Up Against Bullying (9/26)
  • Back to School Night (9/28)

Hope to see you at our event this week,

Dr. Ponce


We are on the move, here at Walteria. With the first full week of school now behind us, there are a lot of events taking shape in the next couple of weeks. Take a moment and visit our new website: www.walteria.tusd.org. We will be adding things to this everyday, so keep checking in. And, if you would like to see something added to the site, drop on in and let us know.

  •  Participate in our annual PTA direct donation drive. Our goal is to raise the funds necessary to continue to provide great learning experiences for all of our students- Advenetures in Art, Adventures in Music, field trips, classroom resource support teachers, Scholastic readers, and school assemblies. Let's all come together and donate, any amount is welcomed and it will go a long way in meeting our fundraising goals! Our PTA is a wonderful group of committed Walteria parents that work tirelessly and donate large amounts of time to make sure that every student at Walteria has an enriching academic experience. 
  • Check our calendar (also on our website) to stay informed about all of the things happening on campus. 
  • With our valet up and running, please make sure that you are being a good example for our young Wildcats. Keep these pointers in mind:
    • Please use the crosswalks to cross the street. Crossing right in front of the school might save you a second or two, but our kids are looking and they learn that they too can cross here, creating a very dangerous situation. 
    • Please be patient and utilize the valet line both before and after school. If everyone uses the valet the correct way, drop off and dismissal is not only safer for our children, but it is actually pretty smooth and fast. Remind one another to follow the valet line rules if you see someone creating a problem. 
  • PowerSchool is also up and running. By now, all of our families should have received information on how to access the system. If you are having trouble with this, please drop by and see us. 

I hope that your son or daughter has a wonderful week, as we start getting ourselves ready for Back to School Night on September 28th. We will be thrilled to have you visit us on campus. 



Dr. Ponce